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Minimal Gnome Install on Debian

July 7, 2021 | 1 minute read

I do not like the extra apps which ship with debian gnome live iso. So, I found a better way to achieve a minimal GNOME experience.

The process:

  • First, Download the debian net install iso

  • Flash the iso to an usb stick using the program of your choice. I use dd

  • Begin the install process. In the later stage of installer, You will come up with desktop environment selection menu, Skip that stage & complete the install

  • reboot & login. After logging in, Install the task-laptop package using sudo apt install task-laptop. If you have a desktop, Then sudo apt install task-desktop should work

  • Now, install the gnome-core meta package with sudo apt install gnome-core

  • Reboot the pc

Voila! Now you are greeted with gdm login screen & your gnome desktop setup is done. Enjoy the minimal gnome environment & install the additional apps you need.

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