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Hacking on Piped

June 25, 2022 | 2 minute read

Piped is a lightweight self-hostable libre youtube front-end

I have been using Piped since a couple of months & it’s an awesome application!

The project has two parts:

  • Back-end uses NewPipe Extractor library & provides a REST API
  • Front-end is a Vuejs based progressive web app with mobile friendly user interface

I have looked into the front-end code & found a few areas which can be improved. So, I stated with improving the chapters layout & making it more mobile friendly & visually good. Submitted a PR & it was accepted!

Later, i found out that the shorts thumbnails were not aligned properly with rest, I picked up that task & tried to fix them. I got a few suggestions from the developer Kavin, We both brainstormed on it & found a solution together!

After the Initial refractor of the chapters section, We got feedback from the community that they wanted a youtube style chapters layout on the desktop. With a few trial & errors, I added that feature as well & kavin was also very happy with the layout, I pushed the PR & with some small final changes from kavin, It was merged as well 🎉


  • I am very happy to take part in development of a program which i use daily
  • Hacking on Piped was really fun! and i got to learn many new things in the process
  • Kavin was very friendly & patient. Above all, He is also aligned with the free software ideology

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