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Hacking on Movim Xmpp

June 11, 2023 | 1 minute read

Movim is a federated blogging and chat platform that acts as a web frontend for the XMPP protocol.

The project’s web UI for xmpp (jabber) is really good & also mobile friendly. I have observed that the project does not have a CI/CD setup so far & thought of adding one. I have added basic CI/CD work for the movim repository on github with github actions. For every commit & pull request to master branch, the app is built in the pipeline & if successful, a docker image is uploaded to movim’s repositoy on docker hub.

The team had given me feedback during the implementation & i had a chance to explore new concepts in docker image building & some bash scripting as well! I have also planned to automate the docker image building for stable releases, But the team preferred to do it manually.

Summary of my commits:

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