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Automount USB drives in Linux

January 31, 2024 | 2 minute read

As i started using flatpaks for all graphical applications in my new desktop setup, I came across an issue where the usb disks are not automatically detected in my file manager (Dolphin) inside flatpak. I was using nautilus / pcmanfm installed via native package manager (apt) before & they used to do this job by default.

As i started to search for the solution on the web & asking llama2, i have learnt that the package udisks2 can auto mount the external disks.

The following guide assumes you are using debian, Some commands might change depending on your distribution.

Let’s start by installing the package first.

sudo apt install udisks2

Then, We can use the udisksctl command to define which disks to mount. You can find the device id which you wish to mount, using fdisk -l command.

For example, I want to mount the usb drive with device id /dev/sdb1

sudo udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdb1

If you want all the disks to get automatically mounted when inserted, You can add the following lines to the udisks2 config file located in /etc/udisks2/udisks2.conf


Then, restart the udisks2 service with systemctl restart udisks2.service. Now plug your usb drive & watch it appear in your file manager.

This was a fun learning experience & helped me understand some of the limitations of flatpaks. And, do let me know if there is much simple way!

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