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GNUkhata Docker Image
January 22, 2020
I made this image as i couldn’t find any recent Dockerfiles for GNUKhata. So, I forked an old Dockerfile from GNUKhata’s gitlab repository & rebased it to debian buster. Read More...
Learning Hugo by porting a theme
November 11, 2019
Since a long time, I was thinking of switching from my old static website to a static site generator. After doing some research, I settled at hugo. Read More...
Merging Multiple Vcards On Linux
October 20, 2019
Recently, I needed to transfer contacts from an old samsung feature phone to an android smartphone. The issue i faced was that the samsung feature phone backups all contacts in a folder & organises them as one vcf file per contact, But android’s vcard saves all contacts in a single file. Read More...
Monopriv: A New Theme for Hugo
December 12, 2019
I have recently created this theme for hugo, This theme is based on bootstrap framework. I have only used the built-in bootstrap components to design the whole theme. Read More...
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